Golf Shoe Guide: Pros and Cons of spikeless and laceless footwear

If you have the slightest know-how about golf shoes, then you would have thought (read: assumed) that shoelaces and spikes in golf shoes, were generally identified as main components of the product. However, recent innovations and newer models are challenging this concept.

Mens Spikeless and laceless footwearAs opposed to earlier times, when traditional laces were strapped on and golfers were ready to roll –golf shoe designers of today have replaced traditional laces with the hi-tech feature of ‘disc-closure systems’ that allow you to secure the shoe neatly around the foot, only with the twist of a dial. Sounds so convenient, right?

Spikeless shoes, on the other hand, are marveled at their user-friendly nature among golfers – one can easily wear them from the office to the golf course and even feel good walking in them to the bar for some post-game celebration. This year though, spikeless shoes too, have seriously upped their game: traction is far more sophisticated and in harmony with the foot’s motion to improve interaction with the turf. Does it sound too good to be true?

Picture this: some of the best tour golf players with remarkably aggressive swings vouch for them in a competition. Judging by that, there should be no doubt about their level of performance! So the question remains which pair of best mens golf shoes will fit the game?

Pros of spikeless footwear

Comfort-wise, spikeless top the game. Nike golf shoes, for instance, are deemed preferable to spiked ones as they do not submerge when the course is yielding.

  •        spikeless shoes are easier to walk in on harsh surfaces like concrete pathways.
  •        They reduce the wear and tear effect on carpets of clubhouses and leave little to no damage on golf cart’s flooring.

Cons of Spikeless foot wear

Like many things, spikeless shoes also have their resultant drawbacks.

  •        They require regular cleaning because they tend to collect a lot of grass in the spikes, making it easier to slip in them if proper care isn’t taken.
  •        If the ground or wet or grassy, some models tend to reduce the traction.
  •        In some cases, spikeless shoes can also spoil the greens in golf courses.

Pros of  laceless foot wear

  •        Easier to wear: the latest feature of ‘disc closure’ helps you strap on the shoe with the twist of a dial and viola! The shoe is in perfect alignment with your foot and provides better traction. Say good-bye to boring old laces!
  •        Offer stability: If you tend to swing violently, something like a scene out of Freddy vs. Jason then feel confident that the new technology of BOA lacing shoes, help in regulating stability across the entire foot.

Cons of laceless footwear

Expectedly so, there aren’t many drawbacks.

·        The only problem buyers felt was that shoe seems to pull the socks down in the back and pads do not stay on, which can be quite distracting during the game. However, this does not represent a large majority.


How to start your baby on solid food?

If your baby is 6 months old, it’s time you start feeding him/her solid food. Milk will still be the basic source of nutrient but your baby needs to start tasting other flavors as well. However, there is no exact age for him to start eating food. The general idea is that when your baby is able to sit without assistance and starts noticing you having your meal it’s time he needs solid food in addition to milk.

You can buy a baby food processor to puree basic foods like banana or avocado. If you do not want to spend money then you can use a fork to puree these. Other foods like apple, peaches, pears and potato, you will first want to cook and then puree. In the starting months give your baby only single food purees and wait two days before introducing any new food. The reason for this is that since your baby’s stomach is not used to handling solid food since it’s only consumption was milk up until this time, start introducing food gradually and see how your baby’s body responds to each food. If something upsets his stomach, you will want to avoid it.

Many babies do not like being fed with a spoon initially but be patient and keep trying. One or two teaspoons of food a day is enough to get him/her in the habit of eating food. Do not worry if your baby isn’t keen on trying new food because milk will still be the basic element in his/her diet for a long time. If you are having difficulty feeding your baby with a spoon you can also try putting fruit slices in front of him to pick up and eat. Most babies respond well to this technique and develop an interest in eating solid food. You can also try making him busy with toys or by turning on his favorite cartoon channel, and feed him while he is preoccupied with these other things.

Making purees everyday in small amounts is a tiresome task. You can make 2 or 3 kinds of different purees for the whole week or larger amounts for the whole month. Purees can last in the freezer for 2-3 months. Be careful as to store them in the freezer and not in the fridge. The purees might go bad in a few days if stored in the fridge and since your baby’s immune system isn’t yet fully developed you do not want to take the risk. Use a baby food processor to make the puree and store small portions of it easily in an ice cube tray. You can also find top rated food processor reviews here.

Raising babies can be a difficult task, posing many challenges to parents – especially to mothers. However, as with any other challenging task at hand, be patient. Babies are entirely dependent on their guardians but do not let this intimidate you. Be calm and composed, and seek help wherever you feel the need to. Keeping these simple things in mind and being grounded will make you a pro!


Fitness for Men- Buy Mens Waist Trainer to get slimmer look

men loose weightObesity is a very common problem among both men and women alike. Researchers have found that around 2 billion people across the globe are now overweight. Even people who are experiencing this problem agree that this one issue makes them prone to a number of health risks. Despite of being aware of the risks, few of these people take their problem seriously and are willing to fight it. Obesity not only leads to diabetes but also breathing issues, mobility problems and heart conditions. In addition to this an obese person will find it difficult feeling good about him/herself because who wants to look in the mirror and see the reflection of a fat person?

If you are obese, you need to take your problem seriously and find the right motivation to assume a healthy diet and a good workout routine. It is perfectly normal if you don’t have expensive workout machines. You do not have to buy them till you find the need and the money to. Men need to adjust their dietary habits and make it a habit to exercise on a regular basis to achieve a perfectly toned body.

Recently, waist trainers have become famous as a means of losing weight and getting a slimmer look. They were initially developed for the use of women but quickly became famous for men. Men Waist trainer can give you a slimmer looking waist with lesser effort and in lesser time unlike diet and exercise. This does not mean you can entirely skip the need to exercise and to assume a healthy diet. It only means if you incorporate all three in your life, you will get best results.


First they need to monitor their calorie intake. The rule of thumb is, you should be consuming less then you are burning. This way you can lose some extra pounds off your body. The lesser you consume, the more your body fat will be utilized for producing energy. Try to minimize your consumption of grains, sugar and fats. Be careful not to starve yourself, fitness is achieved over time, it is not an overnight process.

In addition to diet, men also need to develop a habit to exercise regularly. You can add to your daily routine just 30 minutes of running, jogging or cycling or a combination of these and see the difference. You can do push-ups. The advantage of push-ups is that it does not require any extravagant machines so you don’t have to spend any money. It will involve your shoulders, arms and chest and help build muscular strength. Lifting heavy weights is also a good way to strengthen your muscles and burn excess calories.

Men and women need to stay fit to live a longer and healthier life. Conventional methods were simply diet and exercise. Following a healthy diet and the right exercise routine is immensely important to maintain a working body and mind, and therefore to prevent health issues such as obesity, weakness, heart conditions, and other such diseases made inevitable by not looking after one’s self. Today products like waist trainers have come into the market to help speed up the process. You can find more information about waist training and top waist trainer reviews here.