If you have the slightest know-how about golf shoes, then you would have thought (read: assumed) that shoelaces and spikes in golf shoes, were generally identified as main components of the product. However, recent innovations and newer models are challenging this concept.

Mens Spikeless and laceless footwearAs opposed to earlier times, when traditional laces were strapped on and golfers were ready to roll –golf shoe designers of today have replaced traditional laces with the hi-tech feature of ‘disc-closure systems’ that allow you to secure the shoe neatly around the foot, only with the twist of a dial. Sounds so convenient, right?

Spikeless shoes, on the other hand, are marveled at their user-friendly nature among golfers – one can easily wear them from the office to the golf course and even feel good walking in them to the bar for some post-game celebration. This year though, spikeless shoes too, have seriously upped their game: traction is far more sophisticated and in harmony with the foot’s motion to improve interaction with the turf. Does it sound too good to be true?

Picture this: some of the best tour golf players with remarkably aggressive swings vouch for them in a competition. Judging by that, there should be no doubt about their level of performance! So the question remains which pair of men’s golf shoes will fit the game? Check out this collection to find the perfect pair for golf shoes for men.

Pros of spikeless footwear

Comfort-wise, spikeless top the game. Nike golf shoes, for instance, are deemed preferable to spiked ones as they do not submerge when the course is yielding.

  •        spikeless shoes are easier to walk in on harsh surfaces like concrete pathways.
  •        They reduce the wear and tear effect on carpets of clubhouses and leave little to no damage on golf cart’s flooring.

Cons of Spikeless foot wear

Like many things, spikeless shoes also have their resultant drawbacks.

  •        They require regular cleaning because they tend to collect a lot of grass in the spikes, making it easier to slip in them if proper care isn’t taken.
  •        If the ground or wet or grassy, some models tend to reduce the traction.
  •        In some cases, spikeless shoes can also spoil the greens in golf courses.

Pros of  laceless foot wear

  •        Easier to wear: the latest feature of ‘disc closure’ helps you strap on the shoe with the twist of a dial and viola! The shoe is in perfect alignment with your foot and provides better traction. Say good-bye to boring old laces!
  •        Offer stability: If you tend to swing violently, something like a scene out of Freddy vs. Jason then feel confident that the new technology of BOA lacing shoes, help in regulating stability across the entire foot.

Cons of laceless footwear

Expectedly so, there aren’t many drawbacks.

·        The only problem buyers felt was that shoe seems to pull the socks down in the back and pads do not stay on, which can be quite distracting during the game. However, this does not represent a large majority.