A good pair of golf shoes is essential to allow you to enjoy your time on the course.

The majority of golfers still walk around the golf course and golf shoe manufacturers have poured significant resources into research and development to ensure you can do that in comfort whilst also assisting you to play better golf.

Pushing the limits of sole, upper, spike and water-resistant technology, today’s shoes are a key weapon in your armoury and deserve to be labelled as ‘game-improvement’ tools.

The following information will help you understand what golf shoes can offer you and assist you in finding the pair for you:

he classic spiked golf shoe offers comfort, breathability, water resistance, style and traction. Finding the right pair for you is based on personal taste and what you want the shoe to deliver.

You need to decide what it is you want from your golf shoe; a waterproof shoe? A shoe to wear in all conditions? A lightweight shoe? Colour? Soft or Metal Spikes? Whatever you need in your shoe, you will find in today’s market.

A key advantage of spiked golf shoes is the stability that it can bring to your swing through better grip and because the upper of the shoe is likely to be more stable.

Modern technology has allowed traditional shoes to develop that are both lightweight and offer the stability demanded by serious players, however there can be a trade off so bear this in mind when you buy.